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Title: Teaching simple past tense by using cooperative learning : an experimental study at seconde of MTS pembangunan UIN Jakarta
Authors: Hizbullah
Advisors: Bahrul Hasibuan
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Ilmi Tarbiyah Dan Keguruan, 2010
Series/Report no.: 0110-08-6440;6255 PBE t
Abstract: Cooperative Learning is a group learning activity organized so that learning is dependent on the socially structured exchange of information between learners in groups and which each learner in groups and in which learner is held accountable for his or her own learning and is motivated to increase the learning of others. Cooperative learning has many kinds of technique; one of the techniques is Jigsaw. Jigsaw is an instructional technique that promotes cooperative learning in creating or in learning content. It is based on dividing a task among students so that they must pool their contributions to complete an assignment The purpose of the study is to find the empirical evidence whether or not there is significant difference between students’ score in learning simple past tense by using cooperative learning, especially using jigsaw technique and by using Grammar Translation Method in teaching simple past tense. The techniques of collecting data used in this research are pre-test and post-test. Pre test was given before the writer began the teaching learning process in two classes and Post test was given after four times of meetings. Pre test and post test are similar in form. To analyze the data the writer used t-test. The writer compared the score between the experimental class and the control class. This technique is useful to know whether there is a significant different between two variables. From this research, the writer found (from statistic calculation) that the value of the to was 8.64 and the degree of freedom (df) was 56. In this research, the writer used the degree of significance 5 %. It can be seen that the df 56 and degree of significance 5% = 2,00
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