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Title: Main gothic charctere on edgar allan poe's short stores
Authors: Romlih
Advisors: Danti Pujianti
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2012
Abstract: The research discussed Edgar Allan Poe short stories. The writer studied three short stories as the object of the study, they were: The Tell Tale Heart, The Black Cat, and Cask of Amontillado. Theory of character, and gothic used as the theoretical frame work of the research. The goals of the research were to find and understand gothic idea that revealed on the Poe’s short stories characters. The method of the research was descriptive qualitative to depict about the content of the short stories. At first the writer focused on the character analysis, then, followed by the analysis of gothic influence through the characters based on the theory of character reveals. The writer also discussed the way of Edgar Alan Poe described the characters in his three short stories. In his conclusion, the writer found out that Edgar Alan Poe’s characters in his short stories were supported by the gothic idea. He found several things that aimed to the gothic tendencies (such murky atmosphere of horror, gloom, macabre, mysterious, violent incidents, grotesque, irrational violence, desolation, and decay) that Poe revealed in his characters.
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