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Title: The issue of cultural identity in khaled hossein's the kite runner
Authors: Nina Farlina
Advisors: Dini Masitah
Publisher: Jakarta : UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Fakultas Adab Dan Humaniora, 2008
Abstract: In this research, the writer analyzes a novel by Khaled Hosseini entitled The Kite Runner. This research is focused on the character analysis and Cultural Identity. The writer uses qualitative descriptive method. The Kite Runner describes two main characters, Amir and Hassan. They come from the same background, Afghanistan, but present different ethnic and inter-religion. The first character, Amir is a Pashtun ethnic, the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan, who believes he is a better class than the Hazara and who follows the Sunni sect of Islam. The second character is Hassan. Hassan is a Hazara ethnic, a minority ethnic group of Afghanis who follow Islamic beliefs called Shi a. The different ethnics and inter-religions create civil war, ethnic conflict, and inter-religion conflict. Amir envies and has internal conflict toward Hassan. Amir creates everything to wipe Hassan off his life. Amir s conflict makes him feel guilty and sin toward Hassan. Finally, Amir can bury his past memories toward Hassan in America after bringing son of Hassan, Sohrab. In America, Amir still keeps and uses his cultural identity as the Afghan especially as the Pashtun.
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