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Title: Oblique Translation and Its Degree of Equivalence in Indonesian Subtitle of Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie
Authors: Lilianih
Advisors: Saefudin
Keywords: Translation;Oblique;Equivalence;Subtitle
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2020
Publisher: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora
Abstract: This research aims to find out the relationship between oblique translation procedure applied by the translator and its equivalence degrees in subtitle movie. The researcher tried to take all dialog from the movie which categorized as oblique translation influenced by Vinay and Darberlnet’s model of oblique translation and equivalence degree based on Bell’s theory. The research used qualitative method that was written by descriptive analysis. Then, the researcher picked the representative of each oblique translation type to analyze how the translator applied the technique and analyzed the chosen data by using degree of equivalence. The result is there are fifty-seven data and consists of only three types of oblique translation, which are Transposition (24 data), Modulation (20 data) and Equivalence (20 data). In degree of equivalence, all five categories are found and mainly translated with fully equivalence. All the result shows that the translator chooses to give a translation work which is simple and distinct for target viewers despite any changes in structure and perspective.
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