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Title: Evaluating Progress Test as part of Curriculum Evaluation in Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Medical School, Indonesia
Authors: Marita Fadhilah
Fika Ekayanti
Nurmila Sari
Sophie Dwiyanti
Achmad Zaki
Laifa Annisa Hendarmin
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2017
Abstract: Background: Since 2009, we have been conducting progress test every year as formative assessment. In 2012, we addressed curriculum reform. But we havent’t done both progress test and curriculum evaluation. This study aims to evaluate progress test and assessing whether there is a correlation between progress test and final score module. Summary of work: This study used 2 years cohort progress test of 2015 and 2016. We involved 571 students in 2015 and 562 students in 2016. In total, we used 120 system-based items. We used final score of old and new curriculum neuropsychiatry module. Statistical analysis was addressed using ANOVA and Pearson correlation. Summary of results: Progress test score between each grades and from 2015 to 2016 were increasing significantly (p<0.001). Mean of final score of new neuropsychiatry module was 69.36 ± 3.78 and the old one was 70.92 ± 3.99. Pearson correlation showed weak correlation between progress test and final score in 2015 (ρ=0.191, p=0.011). Discussion: Despite progress test score increased significantly, but final score of new neuropsychiatry module was lower than the old one. From previous study, it related with students’ retrieval and otivation issues. Thus, it explained why the correlation between those assessments was weak. Conclusion: Having weak correlation between final score of neuropsychiatry module and progress test score in 2015, progress test and final score module seem reliable to be indicators of curriculum valuation. Take-home message: Further study, we need to explore whether progress test score correlate with national exit examination score
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