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Title: Blood Donor Location Search Using Floid Warshall Algorithm Based on Android For Increasing Blood Donor in Muslim Civil Society In South Tangerang PMI (Indonesian Red Cross)
Authors: Nurhayati
E. Prayitmo
H.B. Suseno
Issue Date: 25-May-2020
Publisher: EAI
Abstract: The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is an institution engaged in social humanity, according to WHO (World Health Organization) is ideally availability of blood is 2% of the total population, which means that for Indonesia currently requires 4.6 million bags of blood, but the PMI only get less the requirement of 0.5% in 2005. The availability of blood bags at the office of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) City of South Tangerang, continues to diminish. In fact, no additional stock of blood bags, thus able to meet demand from a number of blood bags Hospital. This fact is reinforced by Dr. Alwan as director of PMI South Tangerang who said that in the provision of blood stock PMI South Tangerang still rely on blood donation every agency has been scheduled, but the location of blood donors are difficult to find. It is a problem in determining the closed distance to reach the location of a blood donor. Therefore, it is background to research Blood Donor Location Search Using Floid Warshall Algorithm Based on Android. It can help people to get to the closed location the blood donor. Finally, the result showed the display user interface menus of application software. It fulfills the needs of a blood donor in PMI South Tangerang.
ISBN: 978-1-63190-251-2
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