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dc.contributor.authorM. Farouqid
dc.contributor.authorH. B. Susenoid
dc.contributor.authorA. Fiadeid
dc.description.abstractThe lifestyle changes follower by the changing times. The use of technology, such as smart phones and computers that spread blamed the cause of the ballooning illiterate Qur'an to 54%. Indonesian Foundation for Islamic Waqf Foundation (IIWF) sees the tools of this technology can even be used as part of a literacy Qur'an. This study aims to provide the application of learning to read the Qur'an for the foundation IIWF. Development of the system used in the study is the development of methods Multimedia versions of Luther-Sutopo with the following approach: Concept, Design, Material Collecting, Assembly, Testing, and Distribution. Media development learn to read the Qur'an was created with the PHP programming language for websites and Flash Action Script applications for learning to read the Qur'an. The results of this application are the website of the foundation IIWF that allows for downloading e-books and interactive applications to read the Qur'an. Based on Black Box testing and User Acceptance User to user, IIWF foundation, showed that applications that have been created have been functioning properly, satisfy the desires of the foundation IIWF and can help the foundation in the fight against illiteracy IIWF Qur'an to Muslims in
dc.titleDevelopment of Recognition Qur’an Letter Foundation for Beginners on Indonesian Islamic Foundation Waqf (IIWF)id
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