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dc.contributor.authorDwinda Faraditaid
dc.contributor.authorAnif Hanifa Setyaningrumid
dc.contributor.authorSiti Ummi Masrurohid
dc.description.abstractCurrently, women Moslem used media interaction or print media such as books - books of fiqh hadith to obtain women information. Excess of media interaction is easy and quick to find information than the print media, but the print media is more credible because of the evidence printed media interaction while still doubt the truth of the information. The women moslem need an application that is able to deliver information quickly and easily. The research will be built the mobile-based applications as device to provided easy information and used Boyer Moore algorithm for quick searching the data hadith. Algorithms perform Boyer Moore matching characters from the rightmost position and are included in the category of Exact String Matching. The result of the research has been mobile application Hadith for women using Boyer Moore algorithm is capable to obtain information specific to women's
dc.titleMobile Based Application “Hadith for Women” Using Algorithm Boyer Mooreid
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