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Title: Metaphor Translation Procedures and Meaning Equivalence in Lang Leav’s Poems Translated By M. Aan Mansyur
Authors: Ning Syahdaini
Advisors: Sholikatus Sa’diyah
Keywords: Metaphor;Poetry;Translation procedures;Meaning equivalence;Conceptualmetaphor
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2020
Publisher: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora
Abstract: This research aims to find out the metaphor translation procedures and the metaphor translation related to meaning equivalence in the two poems; they are The Wanderer and Saving You are translated Pengembara,and Menyelamatkanmu by M. Aan Mansyur in the original book entitled cinta dan Kesialan-Kesialan. To achieve those, the researcher uses a qualitativemethod to produce descriptive data in the form of describing the application of metaphor translation procedures based on New Mark’s theory and meaning equivalence by Nida’s theory. The data analysis was conducted by reading the SL text and TL text, identifying thetype of metaphor translation by New Mark’s theory and conceptual metaphor by Kövecses, analyzing the data by the explanations based on theories of metaphor translation procedures and meaning equivalence. After analyzing the data, the researcher found 9 data in the poems, they are; 2 data of orientational metaphor and 7 data of ontological metaphor. The types of all data is a standard metaphor andinthewayofprocedureusedare,6dataofreproducingthesameimageinTL, 2 data of translating metaphor by deletion and 1 data of translating metaphor by same metaphor combined with sense. In the matter of meaning equivalence, the result shows 6 data of dynamic equivalence and 3 data of formal equivalence.
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