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Title: Humanisme Waris Dalam Islam
Authors: Afidah Wahyuni
Keywords: Inheritance Law, Inheritance Humanism, Islamic Law
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SALAM; Jurnal Sosial & Budaya Syar-i FSH UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: The inheritance system in Islam reaps several differences of opinion, especially when faced with the values of religious humanism such as the value of brotherhood, freedom and equality. Differences of opinion are more visible in the concept of inheritance between men and women, 2: 1. However, in terms of humanism, justice cannot be separated from human life. Whereas Islam itself has its own meaning about justice; that fair does not always have to be the same. Therefore, the concept of 2: 1 between male and female heirs in Islamic law is not a form of injustice. This is due to the factors behind the development. One of them is the difference in the roles of men and women in family life. Where women get a living, while getting inheritance rights. Whereas men get inheritance rights, but still have to support the women who are in their dependents.
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