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dc.contributor.authorAbdul Mujibid
dc.description.abstractWhen organizing the topics in the article, we have tried to capture the four main currents in peace psychology: violence, social inequalities, peacemaking, and the pursuit of social justice. This article is aimed at criticizing motives on peace which believed by some countries, and moslems attitude toward is the problematic motives point of view where most western analyst claimed that terrorist mostly accused at moslem. In Islam, actually peace identified by al-shulh where the agreement leaving all the form of dispute, controversy and conflict for kindliness among
dc.publisherEnlighten: Jurnal Kajian Keislaman, Pendidikan dan Psikologiid
dc.subjectPsikologi Islamid
dc.titlePsikologi Perdamaian dalam Perspektif islamid
dc.title.alternativePsikologi Perdamaianid
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