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dc.contributor.authorAchmad Syahidid
dc.contributor.authorWidowati Pusporiniid
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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is to analyze the achievement of the results, progress, and obstacles encountered during the two years of the commencement of the principals’ partnership program in Indonesia. The scope of the Principal's Partnership program comprises three main components, such as curriculum management, academic supervision, and management of the school ecosystem. Data were analyzed using survey methods. Sampling data were taken from 106 impacted schools, using the percentage results of action plan reports in 15 indicators from the three main components program's implementation. The findings indicate that the principal partnership program activities, in general, have been well implemented and according to the percentage target of the principal's partnership program with a national increase in achievement of the Curriculum Management component from 61% to 69%, academic supervision from 61% to 71% and management of the school ecosystem from 48% to 56%. The percentage increase also occurs when instrument data is processed per indicator in components. The findings imply that the partnership program has a significant impact on equity growth in remote areasid
dc.publisherEuropean Journal of Educational Researchid
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dc.titleIs the Education Quality in Indonesia Equal? An Analysis on the Findings of Principal Partnerships Programid
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