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Title: Mencari Format Baru Dakwah di Era Globalisasi
Other Titles: AR-RISALAH; Jurnal Studi Agama dan Pemikiran Islam
Authors: A Ilyas Ismail
Advisors: --
Keywords: Daakwah, Globahsast, Kekuatan Penyeimbang;Universal, Dan multi Kultural
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Islam As-Syafiiyah
Series/Report no.: --;--
Abstract: As a religions duty, the da wa must be done in all situations and times. In the new era now, we need to find and formulate new format of da wa in the age of globalization. Updates the format of this da'wa, needs to be done both related concepts (paradigm), methods, messages, and media. In addition, the competence of the actors (du ab) about proselytizing is a matter that must be strengthened.In this new era, that da wa not quite understood as speeches (sermons) only, but an attempt to construct the Islamic religion and civilization as per the instructions of Allah and the Messenger in the context of contemporary life that competitive. In the context of globalization, da wa has to plays two roles First, how to globalize Islam (aulamiyyat al-Islam) in acordance with the doctrine and the nature of Islam itself as a religion of the world. The second, no less important than the first, bow to islamize globalization (aslamat al- Aulamah). This role is particularly important, becanse globalization as is known, was driven by Western powers, which may have different motives to the cause of Islam. Here, Muslims as a mediator, ummatan wasathan (balance of power) are required to create a balance between the various forces in the East and the West in relation to whether economic, political, and civilization. W'ith the new paradigm, the message of da wa empbaszed not only in strengthening the moral-spiritual, but also the strengthening of the social values of a democratic and egalitarian society that beaame todry's global demands. Da'wa shonld also be constructive and solution-to problems of the people and the nation. Beyond that, the media sbauld alsa be used to shift from oral media to social media-based Anjormation technology. Thus, globalization is not merely a threat, but Găusvaui s1 y word : Daakwah, Globahsast, Kekuatan Penyeimbang, Universal, Dan multi Kultural
Description: AR-RISALAH, Volume IV, No. 1, Januari 2014
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ISSN: 2085-5818
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