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Title: Theology to Technology; The Shift of Facilities Media Da’wa in Millennial Era
Other Titles: Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology
Authors: A Ilyas Ismail, Badrah Uyuni
Advisors: --
Keywords: Da’wa, Islam, Muslim, Technology,;Internet, New Media, Gratitude
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
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Abstract: Theology to Technology; The Shift of Facilities Media Da’wa in Millennial Era Ilyas Ismail,1 Badrah Uyuni2 1Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 2Universitas Islam Assyafi’iyah Jakarta Abstract. Da’wa is a special mission to deliver a message of inviting people to worship Allah according to the way that He wants to be worshipped. The da’wa media has developed through time under the development and progress of the time. The relationship between technology adoption and religion has received scant research attention. The article begins with a discussion about the technology era – the internet- that we are in. It follows with the analysis of the law of using the internet from an Islamic perspective - as the internet is understood to be new media to communicate and perform da’wa in particular and how the internet has embedded in our religious life even though da’wa through the internet also may create misinterpretation. Then the new paradigm of da’wa automatically has affected the complete pillars of da’wa which are daí (the preacher/the performer of da’wa), madú (people who are inviting to the way of Islam), manhaj (the method of da’wa), and wasilah (the media to deliver), as da’wa through the internet is considered as a convenient means to success global da’wa. The last section focuses on this kind of technology existence should be gratitude by Muslims. As technology is a great challenge for Muslims to learn and exercise that leads to virtues of Islam and Muslim izzul Islam wal-muslimin (the glory of Islam and its followers). Keywords: Da’wa, Islam, Muslim, Technology, Internet, New Media, Gratitude
Description: Volume XII, Issue III, 2020
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ISSN: 1006-7930
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