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Title: The New Perspective of Interfaith Dialogue as Da’wah Approach in Global Era
Other Titles: Journal of Xidian University
Authors: A. Ilyas Ismail, Badrah Uyuni
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Keywords: interfaith dialogue, da`wa, a new perspective,;collaboration, global era
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
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Abstract: Abstract This article shows us how to understand new ideas and concepts of dialogue as a new approach to da'wa in the global era. The research method is library research by exploring and gathering relevant literature and sources. Sources excavation is carried out in 3 stages, namely: (1). The exploration: excavation and gathering of general materials. (2). Specific stage: digging and gathering specific materials according to the main problem of the study. (3). Stage of deepening (focus) on the main problem. Moreover, depth interview was conducted with many figures involved in interfaith dialogues to prevent tension among people of different beliefs as well as those involved in the efforts to develop and maintain harmony among the different beliefs in Indonesia. This study found a shifting idea in the dialogue between religions from “al-Ta`ăyusy” (living together peacefully) to “al-Ta`ăwun” (cooperation or synergy), even shifts to wahdat fî nazharî aw `amalî (unity in thinking and actions). Then, dialogue in this new perspective no longer talks about conflict but tries to recognize the difficulties and suffering of each believer and develop a synergy to find the solutions or solve common problems, such as poverty, ignorance, health, drug abuse, human rights, and environmental problems. Again, because the purpose of dialogue is not to overcome conflict, but rather to solve life's problems that are shared by followers of a religion, the dialogue method emphasizes openness, freedom, and respect for each other, as well as tolerance and willingness to share, and learn from each other. Besides, the last, from the Islamic point of view, this new perspective dialogue can be utilized as a new approach of da’wah, not in the sense of converting people, rather than conversation and civilization. For instance, this new perspective of dialogue should be developed as guidelines to address common concerns and avoid pitfalls. Keywords: interfaith dialogue, da`wa, a new perspective, collaboration, global era
Description: VOLUME 14, ISSUE 3, 2020
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ISSN: 1001-2400
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