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Title: Theorizing on islamic economics: utility sharing, profit sharing and growth
Authors: M. Arief Mufraini
Keywords: Utility sharing;Profit Sharing dan Growth;Grouded;VECM
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Puslitpen UIN Jakarta
Abstract: As part of the theorizing work in the field of Islamic economics, this study analyzes specific variables of Islamic economic activities as a basis for theory building. Introducing utility-sharing and profit-sharing as determinants factors of growth. This research uses exploratory sequential method of mix method, where the relationship among utility sharing, profit sharing and growth is groudedly analyzed in the form of qualitative manner based on the opinions of academics and professionals. Furthermore, an inferential vector error correction model is tested to an empirical data of hajj funds, zakat funds, profit sharing funds and growth. The findings of this study stated that the activity of utilitysharing of hajj fund is actually has a better contribution for short-term and long-term influence to the economic growth, while the zakat fund activities and profit-sharing activities actually have only long-term negative influence to the economic growth?.
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