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Title: Perception of stakeholders on hajj fund entity; a grounded theory study
Authors: M. Arief Mufraini
Keywords: Hajj Fund;Theorizing;Grounded Theory;Entity Concept and Sustainabilit
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Puslitpen UIN Jakarta
Abstract: This study examines the nature of the hajj fund entity and how the Hajj fund can be developed sustainably to fulfill the benefits of organizing the Hajj. Grounded study is used in order to explain phenomena, processes or construct a general theory inductively due to a phenomenon that cannot be explained by existing theories. Empirical activities of Indonesian’s new hajj fund management agency are conditions, facts or phenomena and data for further scientific theorizing processes. This study utilizes ATLAS Ti software to mine more data from interviews with scholars and practitioners. The results of the study show that the Hajj Fund is the initial deposit collected from the prospective pilgrims which is optimized by the manager on various Islamic investment instruments in the interest of funding the improvement of Hajj pilgrimage services. Islamic economics recognizes Hajj funds as an entity that are separate from the capability in the legal form of the depositor congregation. Hajj fund ownership applies to the joint ownership of all prospective depositors, the government applies as a representative of the joint ownership.
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