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Title: Religiosity and self efficacy as factors that affect happiness level among students in State Islamic University Jakarta
Authors: Yufi Adriani
Keywords: religiosity;happiness;self efficacy;demographic factors
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development
Series/Report no.: Vol. 12;No. 04
Abstract: In Indonesia, currently, we can conclude that more people have tendency to feel unhappy in their everyday life. Poverty was widespread, the weak economy and the lowest level of monthly income, high unemployment and terrorism were factors that interfere the community lately. There are so many factors that can affects happiness, one of them is the Religiosity. Religiosity was perceived to have contribution in people’s happiness, since religiosity could affect patterned thinking and its behavior in daily life. Jane (2006) also declares that trust to religion has a great influence to the long term of happiness. In addition, other factors that might also affect the level of happiness are the influence of environmental or social support received by each individual and also self efficacy. The purpose of this study is to measure the effect of Religiosity, Self Efficacy and Demographic Factors in predicting Happiness Levels among students State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia. This study recruited 70 participants to answers questionnaires. The available data was analyzed using statistical approach in order to see the factors that might have bigger contribution to the happiness level among students so the treatment can be more appropriate and effective. As a result of this study that most of the students feels moderately happy, have low self esteem and have moderate level of religiosity. Furthermore, the statistical analysis also showed that Religiosity and Self Efficacy simultaneously bring significant impact to the student’s happiness.
ISSN: 1923-6654
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