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dc.contributor.authorYufi Adrianiid
dc.contributor.authorDesi Yustariid
dc.description.abstractThis research explored the religious practices as stress management among young Indonesian Muslims. The aim of the study was to explain how religiosity as experienced understood by a group of 12 young people studying at a large public Islamic university in Jakarta and could be managed them stress well. Interviews with the participants about their religious practices and stress management were analysed. Findings showed that religion played a role in the way the study participants managed stress. All of them had experienced stress deriving from different areas of their life. Some of them felt that religion could help them to overcome such stress and reported using the religious practice to address stress, even though this approach tended not to occur to them until after they had already experienced the stressful event. Sources of stress reported by the participants in this study generally related to their university studies and relationships with family and friends, including romantic
dc.subjectstress managementid
dc.subjectyoung muslimsid
dc.titleReligious practices as stress management among young muslims in Indonesiaid
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