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Title: Legalizing Unofficial Marriage for Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia
Authors: Afwan Faizin
Ali Mansur
Keywords: Sirri Marriage, children status, Indonesian migrant workers, itsbat nikah How
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: JURNAL CITA HUKUM (Indonesian Law Journal) FSH UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: In recent decades, there has been a massive influx of Indonesian migrant workers or TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) in Malaysia, both legally and illegally. Unfortunately, both the legal and illegal migrant workers faced unofficial (sirri) marriage problems and their children. This study will analyze the legalization process for the Indonesian migrant worker marriage in Malaysia. The research was done in the region of Peninsular Malaysia, using qualitative research method. The result shows that the legalization process faced some obstacles such as; (1) Malaysian regulation which forbid marriage while under working contract for migrant workers; (2) The difficulty to fulfill the requirements for itsbat nikah (legalizing marriage) because of the distance factor to the Indonesian embassy, hard to get the leaving permit from the employer, and the strict administration for the itsbat nikah program such as the requirements of reference that the applicant has not been married yet in their place of origin. The sirri marriage that is performed by TKI in Malaysia caused many problems such as the one regarding the status of their children’s nationality. They cannot be documented by giving them birth certificates, passport, and other documents. Also, their rights are unprotected by the law. This study will have implications on Indonesian government’s policy regarding the protection of TKI’s rights and his family.
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