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dc.contributor.authorU M D A Hudayaid
dc.contributor.authorF M Habibieid
dc.description.abstractThe study is aimed to determine the total income and contribution income of Trigona sp. cultivation by paddy rice farmers in Pandeglang District, Banten Province. The study location was purposively selected sub-districts at Pandeglang, Majasari, and Menes. Seven farmers who had at least 30 units of honeycomb colony and managed maximum 0,3 hectare (ha) of paddy field was used as a respondent. Data were collected using questionnaire to obtain the information and analyzed using Microsoft Excel for data analysis. The results showed that bee cultivation diversification with paddy rice business has potentially make a good income. The contribution income of bee cultivation and paddy rice business in 1 year have a rate 59.46% or Rp. 13,291,857,00 and 40.54% or Rp. 8,872,257.00, respectively with rate total income Rp. 22,164,114.00. The highest paddy rice and bee cultivation income were 10,296,000.00 and 18,568,000.00, respectively obtained by same
dc.subjectcontribution incomeid
dc.subjecttrigona spid
dc.subjectpaddy rice businessid
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dc.titlePaddy rice farming diversification with Trigona sp. in Pandeglang regency, Banten province (case study: diversification income analysis of paddy rice business with bee cultivation)id
dc.title.alternativeIOP Conference Seriesid
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