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Title: Moral and Intellectual Responsibilities of a Criminal Law Expert in Giving Information in the Court
Authors: Alfitra
Fitriyani Zein
Keywords: moral, expert, intellectual
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 408 2nd International Conference on Islam, Science and Technology (ICONIST 2019)
Abstract: The information given by an expert at a court hearing is needed by the judge to convince him. Therefore, at the inspection in the court session for the judge, the role of the expert statement is very important and must be carried out for the sake of justice. However, the judge is thus not obliged to obey the opinion of the expert if the opinion of the expert is contrary to his beliefs. Regarding the expert's statement, it is stated in Article 180 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code that in matters needed to clear up the problems arising in court hearings the chairperson of the hearing can ask for expert information and can also request that new material be submitted by interested parties. Article 7 paragraph (1) letter h also states that the investigator has an obligation that is to bring in the experts needed in connection with the case examination. For example, in cases where the accused is suspected of having a mental disorder or in other cases that do require the role of an expert. Therefore, it can be seen that information from an expert has an important role in the process of examining criminal cases in court. information from someone who has expertise in a criminal offense that cannot be made alone by a judge or investigator because, in essence, the statement from the expert will make litigation of a criminal case for examination based on his expertise which may enable a decision to be made. But if there is an error in assessing the evidence, it will result in errors in the decision by the court judge.
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