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Title: Financial Feasibility Analysis And Business Expansion Strategy Of Thrones Sp Honey Bee In Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang Banten Province, Indonesia
Authors: Elpawati
Achmad Tjahja Nugraha
Reiki Adrian
Keywords: financial feasibility;business strategy;trigona sp bee
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Abstract Proceedings
Abstract: Research aimed 1) to study the general illustration of Trigona sp honey enterprise in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang 2) to study financial feasibility in Thong honey bee Kalanganyar, Pandeglang, and precisely be used in honey bee enterprise. The research approach was descriptive method in se study on research object. This research cained the average Net Present Value (NPVI, Le Rp 4021846 NPV indicated that business is feasible the tener costo (UCA254 and the Intermat Rate of Return (IHR) 45,7% > loan interest indicated That Trigona honey bee enterprise in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang is feasible with 27 years of investment return time. The best strength of internal factor was producing the main weakness was postharvest process, le 0,33; the main challenge obtained through ie 0,77, the biggest that was climate changes, ke 0,62 This enterprise in Babakan to study business strategy that can Le 0,52 an actor was government support ser obtained business strategies to expand the Triger sp honey bee enterprise in Baltakan kalanganyar, Pandeglang
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