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Title: Improving students ability in writing descriptive text using clustering technique
Authors: Fikri Fauzi Alawi
Advisors: Muhammad Farkhan
Keywords: writing ability, clustering technique
Publisher: UIN syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah Dan Keguruan, 2011
Series/Report no.: 0111-11-10153;7180 PBE t
Abstract: This research is conducted in order to improve students’ writing ability using Clustering Technique at eighth grades of MTs. Darul Ma’arif Jakarta. In conducting this research the researcher used Classroom Action Research (CAR) as the method of research. This research consisted of two cycles and each cycle consisted of four steps, they were: Planning, action, observation, and reflection. Each cycle was conducted in three meetings, so the researcher conducted this research in one month and one day. To collect and analyze the data, the researcher used the information from interview, observation, questionnaire, and the students’ achievement in pre-test and post-test in order to support the data collected. The result of this research shows that using clustering technique in teaching descriptive writing can improve their writing’s ability. The students’ responses showed that they were interested to learn writing subject, because they felt easier to write using the technique. Moreover, the students’ achievement in pre-test and post-test showed a significant improvement. The students’ mean in preliminary study was 49.5%. In the first cycle the mean score was 64.8%. Meanwhile the mean score in the second cycle was 74.3%. it means that there was 15.2 points or 30% of mean improvement from the students’ score in the preliminary study to the first cycle and there was 24.7 points or 49.8% of mean score improvement from the students’ score in preliminary study to the second cycle. From this result, the researcher concludes that teaching descriptive writing using clustering technique at eighth grades of MTs. Darul Ma’arif Jakarta can improve their writing ability.
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