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Title: Disparitas putusan praperadilan dalam penetapan tersangka korupsi oleh KPK
Authors: Alfitra
Keywords: Decision Pretrial, suspect corruption, KPK
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Jurnal Cita Hukum, Fakultas Syariah dan Hukum UIN Jakarta
Abstract: Pretrial is a new innovation in the Criminal Code. Pretrial intention is as a "translation" of the substance of habeas corpus rights. Pretrial become one of the court's discretion horizontally over the application of the force by the police, prosecutors, and the Commission, which include the validity of the arrest, detention, discontinuation of the investigation or the discontinuation of the prosecution, compensation / rehabilitation, and the validity of objects seized as a means of proof and determination of the suspect. With the institution of pretrial these "prisoners" or suspects who set olek Commission authorized by law to exercise supervision over the course of a forceful measures in the process of determination of the investigation after the enactment itself becomes suspect. The purpose of this monitoring, among other things kongkritisasi Aqusatoir concept of human rights and with the principles of presumption of innocence.
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