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Title: Daily intake of liquid sweetener from Stevia rebaudiana extract improves chronic diabetes mellitus in the spreptozotocin-induced rat
Authors: Flori R. Sari
Saiful Anwar
Djamal Alfan
Hari Hendarto
Chris Adhiyanto
Auliya Yasmin Uzair
Rissa Rizkiia Z.
Siti Abidah Farhani
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus;Stevia;Stevioside;Blood glucose;Cholesterol
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2019
Publisher: EM International
Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is characterized by hyperglycemia due to absolute or relative insulin deficiency. Chronic uncontrolled hyperglycemia further activates several detrimental pathways leading to micro vascular or macro vascular diabetic complications. Therefore, glycemic control remains the principal strategy of diabetes management. Stevia is a potent sweetener with low glycemic index and good safety. Recent evidences have shown that stevia extract gave benefit in the diabetes mellitus; however, none of the studies had reported the benefit of using stevioside-containing liquid sweetener (SCLS) to diabetes mellitus. We evaluate the role of SCLS daily intake (equivalent to 40 mg/kg stevioside) on blood glucose and lipid level in the chronic diabetic rat. We found that blood glucose level was gradually decreased from day 1 to day 84 in the diabetic rat received SCLS; however, significant reduction was observed on day 84 compared to the diabetic group. Additionally, SCLS significantly decreased plasma total cholesterol level on day 84. Conversely, no significant differences of HDL and triglyceride levels were observed among group. In conclusion, SCLS may have an added value not only as a sweetener but also as an additional supplement for diabetes mellitus by improving plasma blood glucose and total cholesterol level.
ISSN: 0971-765X
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