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dc.contributor.authorBambang Suryadiid
dc.description.abstractComputer Based Test (CBT) in National Assessment for Non-formal Education as new policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture has been implemented in 2017. The purpose of this study was to analysis the implementation of CBT for national assessment in terms of policy and technical implementation for non-formal education. This study used a qualitative method. Interviews, observation and document analysis were carried out as data collection technique. The results of this study showed that the policy of CBT implementation in national assessment for non-formal education faced challenges in facilities in relation to technical problems, students’ competences in computer skills, and stakeholders’ engagement. However, the policy has provided opportunities in non-formal education quality in improvement of assessment system, students and teachers competences, and non-formal education database system. Therefore it needs improvement for further implementation for all non-formal education institutions throughout the nationid
dc.publisherFaculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Surabayaid
dc.subjectcomputer based testid
dc.titleChallenges and opportunities in implementing Computer Based Test (CBT) of national assessment for non-formal educationid
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