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Title: Sentuhan Adat Dalam Pemberlakuan Syariat Islam di Aceh (1514-1903)
Authors: Khamami Zada
Keywords: Syariat Islam, Aceh, adat, hudud, dan kisas
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: Jurnal Karsa
Abstract: This article tends to examine the basis of jinayah (crime) law implementation in Aceh during the Aceh Darussalam Kingdom period (1496-1903 AD). Qanun Jinayah is argued by the Acehness, it goes around that which must be implemented the shari’a, Islamic law (hudûd and qishâsh) or customary law (hukum adat) of Aceh society. First side states that jinayah law had ever been valid during the Sultan of Aceh period of time but the second side argues that it was the customary law that had been implemented. It indicates that in Aceh the enforcement of Islamic law does not genuinely match the shari’a provision, in contrast it has been influenced by customary law factor. In brief, there is a social dynamics in the implementation of shari’a.
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