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Title: Pengaruh Sifat Machiavellian, Komitmen Profesional dan Keseriusan Pelanggaran terhadap Intensi Whistleblowing Pegawai Pajak dengan dimoderasi oleh variabel Retaliasi
Authors: Nurul Yahya
Advisors: Fitri Damayanti
Keywords: Machiavellian Nature;Whistleblowing Intention;Retaliation;Seriousness Of Wrongdoing;Professional Commitment
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2019
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Uin Jakarta
Abstract: The purpose of this research to examine the effect of machiavellian nature, professional commitment, and seriousness of wrongdoing to the whistleblowing intention of tax employee with moderated by retaliation variables. This research was conducted on tax employees who work at Pratama Tax Office in South Jakarta region and Bekasi. This research was using samples as many 95 respondents. The method of determining the sample used in this research is convenience sampling, while the data processing methods used by researcher are the multiple regression and moderate regression analysis. The results of this research showed thatmachiavellian nature, commitment professional and seriousness of wrongdoing has significant effect toward the whistleblowing intention both partially and simultaneously. Furthermore, retaliation can’t be a moderating for machiavellian nature and commitment professional toward the whistleblowing intention. But the retaliation can be a moderating for seriousness of wrongdoing toward the whistleblowing intention.
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