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Title: Portfolio Assessment Implementation in Clinical Year of Community Medicine Module : Students' Perspective
Authors: Fika Ekayanti
Marita Fadhilah
Keywords: assessment;reflective writing;satisfaction of using portfolio
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Abstract: Portfolio has been used as summative assessment in many fields of study. Since 2010, clinical community medicine module has used portfolio to assess students. Nine portfolios were assigned to students within 5 weeks length module. This study aimed to identify the correlation of students' perspective for using portfolio and their portfolio scores. The data was collected by questionnaires from 46 students after completing module in November 2016. Students were asked about their satisfaction of using portfolio, then correlated to their portfolio scores. The reasons and suggestion for ideal portfolios were identified. Analysis was done by SPSS 20 using Rank Spearman correlation test. Students felt that creating portfolios were not comfortable. Most students (36/78.3%) felt that the portfolio was not appropriate as their summative assessment. They preferred less portfolios, 30 (63%) students requested to decrease portfolios to 3-5, 28.3% to 6-8 and only 8.7% to <3. There was no significant correlation between students' satisfaction of using portfolio to their portfolios score (p=0.262), while there was significant correlation between students' score to the number of portfolios to be submitted (p=0.017; r=0.349). Reasons for decreasing number of portfolios were inadequate time and many other tasks to be finished. Students in UIN Jakarta haven't used to retelling their experiences and reflecting them in writing as perceived in many students who were not used to portfolios. Doing portfolios need lots of work and time-consuming. Having lesser number of portfolios to be submitted would encourage students to create portfolios. Building familiarization, time management and good motivation for creating portfolios were important to successful portfolios. There was no significant correlation between students' satisfaction to their scores. Students should be encouraged to get comfortable in creating portfolios for the benefit as lifelong learning tool. Motivation to write and reflect should be nurtured to improve students' portfolio satisfaction and commitment.
ISBN: 978-94-6252-422-4
ISSN: 2468-5739
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