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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2016Bazis scholarship funds and student achievementRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Aug-2016Prospect of Indonesia islamic pawnshop efficiency and islamic banks based on its influence toward asset growthRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
2015Islamic PhysicsRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Oct-2009Pemodelan institusi keuangan islam berbasis metode sinlammim kaffahRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Sep-2015Rumus Tuhan Hahslm Dalam EkonomiRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Oct-2013Determinan tabungan mudharabah di IndonesiaRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
2014Integrasi ilmu ekonomi islam: pendekatan filosofis dan simbolikRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Sep-2015Hahslm Islamic Economics MethodologyRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Oct-2012New Paradigm On Sinlammim Kafah In Islamic EconomicsRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-
Nov-2014Economic in universal complianceRoikhan Mochamad Aziz-