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Title: Gelombang Revolusi Dan Transisi Politik Di Timur Tengah Dan Afrika Utara
Authors: Khamami Zada
Keywords: Politic Trancition, Revolution, Islamism, Radicalism and Liberalism
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2015
Publisher: Salam; Jurnal Sosial dan Budaya Syar’i
Abstract: Revolutionary Waves and Political Transition in Middle East and North Africa. Political transition in Tunisia has greatly influenced to neighboring countries, especially Egypt. Libya and Yemen have been disturbed by the government’s opposition. Political transition in Middle East is a fruit of authoritarian in which has been taking place since years ago. In addition, the high level of poverty gives effect to the transition process. Political transition in Tunisia and Egypt was happened in a peaceful way, marked by the resignation of Zain al-Din Ben Ali and Husni Mubarak. On the other hand, the armed conflict has been occurred in Libya and Yaman, heading the government’s loyalties and the opposition
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