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Title: Prolactinoma with galactorrhea and dysfunction erectile in man, a case report
Authors: Hari Hendarto
Keywords: prolactinoma;galactorrhea;dysfunction erectile
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Abstract: Prolactinoma, is the most common type of pituitary adenoma. Signs and symptoms are due to either the effect of excess hormone secretion or local compression. Here we report a male patient with prolactinoma presented with high prolactin level, severe headache, diffuse arthralgias, visual field impairment, erectile dysfunction, and galactorrhea. A 40-year-old married man was admitted to the hospital with severe headache, diffuse arthralgias, bitemporal hemianopsia, galactorrhoea, and erectile dysfunction. The pubic and axillary hairs appeared normal and the development of the external genital organs seemed normal. Endocrinological studies revealed hyperprolactinemia. The serum testosterone was low, while the thyroid hormone, growth hormone, and cortisol hormone levels were normal. An X-ray of his L spine was concerning for decreased bone mass. CT scan Pituitary with contrast showed a large macroprolactinoma mass. The diagnosis of prolactinoma was made, and because the patient has progressive vision loss, combination therapy of surgery, typically a transphenoidal resection of the tumor and medication with cabergoline 0.5 mg twice weekly, was suggested. Prolactinoma in patients can cause clinical symptoms as a result of mass effects and/or hyperprolactinaemia. Careful history and physical examinations should reveal the diagnosis.
ISSN: 2468-5739
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