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Title: Big Data Analysis Using Hadoop Framework and Machine Learning as Decision Support System (DSS)
Authors: Nurhayati
Victor Amrizal
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2018
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: Big Data is a popular term which use to visualize exponential grow and un-structural and structural data storage. Therefore we need to analyses big data accurately in real time to make better accurate result. One of the ways to do it is by using HDFS (Hadoop File Distributed File System). Another one, the big data processing can be done by using machine learning. Machine learning performs data processing based on science and engineer curiosity. The development at UIN and its diverse students and their mindset about Islam are also diverse. We need a Technical to process data to get corrected information about that. This research based on above background which called Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Framework and Machine learning to observe mindset of students and lecturers for DSS. This research used unsupervised learning method for collected data from paper-based questionnaire and online-based questionnaire. The process is by using, K-Mean algorithm as one of unsupervised learning algorithm. We cluster data with major denominations in Islam (sunni and shia). Finally, the goal of data processing resulted table and graph of volume, variety, velocity from the mindset of islam literacy from despondence. We will analyze in big data environment using Hadoop and machine learning algorithm for Decision Support System (DSS) for top management to develop academic environtment at UIN Jakarta.
ISBN: 978-1-5386-5436-1
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