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Title: Business Process Automation of Document Filing Based Alfresco for Referral BPJS Patient (Case Study: BPJS Center of Dharmais Cancer Hospital)
Authors: Nurhayati
Diana Fitrisari
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2016
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: PT. BPJS (Persero) is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) are specifically assigned by the government to hold health insurance for civil servants, civil servants Pension Recipients, and other business entities. The health insurance got from PT. BPJS (Persero). The participants must submit some documents as requirements. Broadly speaking, the process to get bail on health insurance is a government health agency referral and information filing patient medical records from health centers and hospitals that have cooperated with PT. BPJS (Persero). Dharmais Cancer Hospital is one of hospitals in cooperation with PT. BPJS (Persero). The process of referral and information filing medical records, patient health insurance participants in the Cancer Hospital Dharmais have not a computerized document management system. Filing referral and medical record information is still performed manually by the patient's health insurance participants. In addition, there are many patients who do not know the health insurance participants filing referral procedure. Seeing the problems occurred, the author intends to automate the process of filing documents business BPJS patient referral based alfresco. A system development method used by the author is the Business Process Methodology. The procedure used in this study using the referral procedure that had been running on BPJS Dharmais Cancer Center Hospital. Finally, this system is expected to facilitate the process of filing and referral of patients’ health insurance can improve the efficiency of time and cost
ISBN: 978-1-5090-1649-5
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