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Title: Tolerance and pluralism: islamism and non muslim response in Indonesia
Authors: M. Amin Nurdin
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: This writing explores the views of non-Muslims on tolerance and pluralism in Indonesia which will be used as the foundation to the idea of harmony and co-existentiality. This is important, considering a variety of religiously motivated violences occurred in sporadic way in Indonesia currently. There are many factors that foster diversity perspective in terms of tolerance in the country such as when history was treated unfairly in the state–life in the so called New Order era, and the phenomenon of the emergence of a new Islamism in the last decade. Some non-Muslim figures highlight the growing imposition of a value and symbols by means of violence perpetrated by a few hardliners in Indonesia, where the violence is actually just the opposite of the viewpoint of the nobility, the glory of the religion itself
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