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Title: The Main Character’s Hierarchy Of Human Needs In The Devil’s Work Novel
Authors: Ratih Clarasanti
Advisors: Arif Rahman Hakim
Keywords: Abraham Maslow;Hierarchy of Human Needs;Egoism
Issue Date: 26-Dec-2019
Publisher: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: This thesis aimed to understand what needs that Sophie Greenwood as the main character in The Devil’s Work novel trying to fulfill her needs by tried to find her predecessor using Hierarchy of Human Needs by Abraham Maslow. Before studying the needs, the writer analyzes the main character’s character and characterization. This research is using qualitative method and descriptive analysis to analyze the needs of the main character. The result of this research is Sophie Greenwood as the main character has intelligence and egoism characteristic. Those characteristic take a major role for her to fulfill her needs. The safety needs when she had trapped in fire fulfill by she looking for the way out by herself. Love and belonging needs fulfill by using egoism characteristic by marrying Guy, whose Amanda husband before. As conclusion, the hierarchy of needs in this thesis has dynamic path.
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