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Title: Pengaruh Financing To Deposit Ratio, Capital Adequacy Ratio Dan Produk Domestik Bruto Terhadap Non Performing Financing Pada Bank Umum Syariah Di Indonesia
Authors: Dwi Handayani
Advisors: Sofyan Rizal
Keywords: Financing to Deposit Ratio;Gross Domestic;Capital Adequacy Ratio
Issue Date: 10-May-2019
Publisher: Fakultas ekonomi dan bisnis uin jakarta
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the effect of Financing to Deposit Ratio, Capital Adequacy Ratio and Gross Domestic Product on Non-Performing Financing of Sharia Banking in Indonesia. This study uses quantitative methods with secondary data sources in the form of annual financial reports. Data in this study were analyzed using panel data regression. The sample selection uses purposive sampling and found 10 Sharia Banking according to the research criteria, namely Muamalat Bank, BNI Sharia, BRI Sharia, Mega Sharia Bank, BCA Sharia, Bukopin Sharia Bank, Mandiri Sharia Bank, Dubai Sharia Panin Bank, Victoria Sharia Bank and Jabar Bank Sharia Banten. The independent variables used are FDR, CAR and GDP. While the dependent variable used is NPF. The results showed that the Fixed Effect Model that was appropriate to use Adjusted R square was 76.48%, simultaneously the F test of the FDR, CAR and GDP variables affected NPF. Partially shows that the FDR variable has no significant effect, while the CAR and GDP variables have a significant effect.
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