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dc.description.abstractThis study aimed at investigating the teaching of English for students with dyslexia at Pantara School in Tebet, Jakarta. The focuses of this study were (1) to elaborate the dyslexic students the way they deal with English learning activities and (2) the strategies used by the teachers in coping the barriers in EFL learning process. This study was conducted under a qualitative descriptive through naturalistic approach. The data were collected through observation, interview and documentation. The key informants were the dyslexic students in grade IV and V, the English teachers, the headmaster and the psychologist. The findings of this study were (1) the common point all students with dyslexia faced was a difficulty with the written language and failure to recognize and interpret what is perceived. However, each student with dyslexia has a different stage, style and some sets of features in dealing with EFL even though they are in the same grade. Moreover, (2) the strategies were used by the English teachers at Pantara School can be divided up into three courses: i.e. making the material more accessible, utilizing appropriate and interesting tools and media, and giving distinctive assessment for each student‘s uniqueness and needs. From the results of the research, it can be concluded that the common points dyslexic students faced in learning EFL at Pantara School were lack of concentration, minimum interest and no specific textbook, a difficulty with the written language and failure to recognize and interpret what is perceived; and, the English Teachers implemented various methods and strategies such as using didactic method, tools and media, and distinctive
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dc.titleThe teaching of english as a foreign language for students with dyslexiaid
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