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Title: Radikalisme Di Jantung Pendidikan islam
Authors: Khamami Zada
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: EDUKASI (Jurnal Pendidikan agama dan keagamaan
Series/Report no.: Volume VII Nomor 4;
Abstract: This paper is a critical reflection on radicalism phenomenon which emerges at the heart of oslamic education, especially at madrasah and islamic boarding school, which is enhaced more by its development at school and campus. This educational institution is chosen since it is at this place the character development is begun as a cadre forming facility. the aspiration of radical islamic group is to change a state, replace its basis as well as its law. the emerge of this radicalism. islamic education as a people liberation facility is faced against a challenge on how to develop a moderate religious consciouness so in turn among the people will grow an indusive understanding
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