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Title: The Effect Of Gallery Walk Technique On Students’ Writing Ability Of Descriptive Text (A Quasi-Experimental Study At Seventh Grade Of Mts Negeri 2 Jakarta Selatan In Academic Year 2018/2019)
Authors: Aliyah Nur Afifah
Advisors: Farida Hamid
Atik Yuliyani
Keywords: Gallery Walk Technique;Students' Writing Ability;Descriptive Text
Issue Date: 26-Jul-1996
Publisher: Jakarta : Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: This research is aimed to get empirical evidence on the effect of gallery walk technique on students‟ writing ability of descriptive text at Seventh Grade of MTs Negeri 2 Jakarta in Academic Year 2018/2019. This research used quantitative method and the research design used is a quasi-experimental design. The population of this research is all Seventh Grade students of MTs Negeri 2 Jakarta. The sample technique used purposive sampling that consist of 60 students. The samples are assigned into two groups: class VII-2 as an experimental class and VII-3 as a control class and each class consist of 30 students. The instrument of this research was written test. The result of this research was obtained from calculating the data using t-test with the significance level (α) = 0.05 and also calculated the effect size. The result showed that the mean score of post-test in experimental class is higher than control class (79>65.73). Therefore, statistic hypothesis test showed that ρ-value of post-test and gained score is 0.000 < sig. α = 0.05. Also, the effect size of this result is 1.53. It proved that the alternatives hypothesis (Ha) is accepted and the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. To sum up, gallery walk technique is effective with strong level on students‟ writing ability of descriptive text.
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