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Title: Analisis Pengukuran Kinerja Baitul Maal wat Tamwil(BMT) (Studi Kasus BMT Di Kota Tangerang Selatan Periode 2013-2017)”
Authors: Nurul Maghfiroh
Advisors: Nur Hidayah
Keywords: Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil;Sharia Conformity and Profitability (ScnP);Sharia Maqashid Index (SMI)
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2019
Publisher: Fak.Ekonomi dan Bisnis Uin Jakarta
Abstract: This study aims to measure the performance of Islamic non-bank financial institutions namely Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) using Sharia conformity and Profitability (SCnP) and Sharia Maqashid Index (SMI), both of which have been adapted to the characteristics of Islamic financial institutions. The study was conducted on four BMT for five years, from 2013 to 2017. The results using the Maqahsid index model showed the total maqashid index for five years was in the range of 0.23038 to 0.40958. BMT UMJ is considered as BMT which is ranked first. This statement can be seen from the highest total maqashid index of BMT UMJ from other BMT. Furthermore, performance measurement using the SCnP model shows that for the five years BMT in the Upper Right Quadrant (URQ) and got the highest result is BMT Mekar Dakwah with the total results in the sharia conformity (sc) variable of 0.5669 and the profitability (p) variable of 0.2856 . Followed by BMT UMJ which is also in the URQ with sc results of 0.3456 and p of 0.1897. Measurements using the maqasid index and the SCnP model show not only the BMT with the highest total maqashid index that can achieve URQ. It can be concluded from BMT Al-Munawwarah which gets second place on the maqashid index but cannot reach URQ.
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