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Title: Pengaruh Iklan, Kualitas Pelayanan Dan Motivasi Terhadap Keputusan Nasabah Dalam Memilih Menggunakan Hasanah Card (Studi Pada Bni Syariah Kc Bsd 2016-2018)
Authors: Akhmad Yunus Febryansyah
Advisors: Tini Anggraeni
Keywords: advertisements;motivation of clients’ decision;service quality
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2019
Publisher: Fak.Ekonomi dan Bisnis Uin Jakarta
Abstract: The developement of bank syariah is so fast nowadays, it is because of the law bases which cover on it, also determined by marketing of Human Capital and the successful products that covered the clients’s needs, for example The Hasanah Card. In order to make the Hasanah Card to be more interesting, developing, and can compete with another same products, this card need to be promoted well by the agents of bank themselves by giving the full first-rate services and giving attention to the factors that motivating clients to make and interested in using this card. This research is attempted to discover how big is the variable of advertisements, service quality, and motivations can influence clients’ decision in choosing of Hasanah Card. This data of the research is using the secunder data which gained from the interviews towards the agents of BNI Syariah Branch Office in BSD Serpong, it is also collected from the primer data of the respondents of Hasanah Card users by giving them the certained quisitioners. The technique of making the quantity of the sample is using Slovin Formula with 149 respondents involved, and for the data analysis is using Discriminant Analysis which also supported by IBM SPSS Statistic Software Version 22. Result of the research which using discriminant analysis, it can be showed that first : the advertisements has a positive effect on customer decisions with value 0,659, second : quality of services has a positive effect on customer decisions with value 0,735, third : motivations has a big influence on the clients’ decision making when choosing the Hasanah Card with value 0,738, and it is because variable of motivation used has the big impact towards the clients’ decision making process in choosing Hasanah Card at BNI Syariah Branch Office in BSD Serpong.
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