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Title: Sistem pengembangan dan pengelolaan wakaf produktif di pondok pesantren modern diniyyahpasia
Authors: Fajri Agusta
Advisors: Desmadi Saharduddin
Keywords: Management;Productive Waqf;Development
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2018
Publisher: Fak.Ekonomi dan Bisnis Uin Jakarta
Abstract: The results of this study are, 1). The management of productive waqf in the Modern Diniyyah Islamic Boarding School has not run optimally, because the system used in the management of waqf is still traditional and unorganized, but the management of waqf assets is only individual and unstructured so that the management of waqf property is not optimal. 2). The nature of waqf in the Dinyyah Modern Islamic Boarding School did not experience development, because each waqf property represented by the Diniyyah Pasia Modern Islamic Boarding School was only focused on the addition of the construction of students' / santriwati's building and dormitory so that the waqf property was unproductive
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