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Title: Analisis Pengelolaan Wakaf Produktif Melalui Bank Wakaf Mikro Dengan Pendekatan Swot (Studi Empiris Lkm Syariah Ei Manahij-Lebak)
Authors: Indri Dwi Lestari
Advisors: Nur Hidayah
Keywords: Management;SWOT;Money Waqf
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2019
Publisher: Fak.Ekonomi dan Bisnis Uin Jakarta
Abstract: This study uses a qualitative approach. Primary data obtained from interviews with informants, namely administrators of Micro Waqf Banks and secondary data obtained through literature library related to this study. The data management technique uses descriptive analysis. The analysis process is by identifying the factors of Strenght, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) in the management of money waqf.The results of this study indicate that the management of money waqf has been going well, it is shown from the business development of customers which is increasing due to the distribution or financing of waqf funds lent money. Then the results of the calculation of the SWOT analysis show the IFAS score of the strength of 1.92 and the weakness of 1.25 while the EFAS score of the opportunity is 1.53 and the threat is 0.82. And the strategy applied is a strategy that utilizes SO (Strength & Opportunity).
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