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Title: A Pedagogical Value From Mathematical Mistakes_ICREMS 2011a
Authors: KADIR
Keywords: Mathematical Mistake;Pedagogical Values
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: A real correct and mistake basically have the same point. Mistake done by student during doing mathematics problem can have the positive values and worth to develop the new mathematics concept. In mathematics teaching, process to understand a concept sometimes will be easier if besides gave a lead real correct and also accompanied by the counter of example from looking the aspect of mathematics mistake good for student and to learn in developing values pedagogic such thinking critical, logical, analytical in exploring to born the new mathematics. We often dismiss a mistake as something to be avoided and at best to be corrected as soon as possible. Many types of algebraic mistakes and purely arithmetic ones and discusses how they can be channeled into positive, useful learning, and growing experience. Mathematical Mistake can be used as a springboard for developing new mathematics and can be use to turn negative experiences into positive ones.
ISBN: 978 – 979 – 16353 – 7 – 0
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