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Title: Developing Science Process Skill Instrument of Islamic Senior High Schools
Authors: Kadir
Keywords: validity;realiability;science process skill;confirmatory factor analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Himpunan Evaluasi Pendidikan Indonesia (HEPI)-Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Abstract: The objective of this study was to develop a reliable and validity instrument for students‟ science process skill in biology subject at Islamic Senior High Schools in DKI Jakarta. Five Islamic Senior High Schools in DKI Jakarta was selected by ramdom sampling technique from 22 Islamic Senior High Schools in DKI Jakarta which focused on twelfth grade. This study used a research and development method. The result of study reveals that (1) From 48 items representing every dimension and the indicator showed that only 46 items are categorized valid after assessed by 20 panelist based on the value of CVR, which obtained the highest CVR value of 1.00 and the lowest was 0.30. (2) From the 46 items which had been tested and showed that only 41 items were categorized as valid based on item analysis „ITEMAN‟ program, it was founded that items were valid which have pointbiserial coefficient > 0.20 and reliability coefficient of 0.867 which means that the reliability of the instrument science process skills are very good. (3) From the 41 items assessed for compliance which is valid between the instrument models and the data in the field using CFA, with contruct realibility 0.986 and obtained minimum value Function Fit Chi-Square = 744.06 (P = 0.06) which indicates that the instrument developed a new appropriate approaches. Based on the result above, it can be drawn conclustion that observing, classifying, measuring, inferring, predicting, and communicating can measure the students‟ science process skill.
ISSN: 2407-1501
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