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Title: الدفردات الإندونيسية الدقتًضة من اللغة العربية وتغيتَ ووتيتاا ومعانياا
Authors: Wahyu Agustian
Advisors: Budiansyah
Keywords: الإندونيسية الكبتَة 2711 كلتة مقتًضة من اللغة العربية ثم فرقاا بناء على نوع تغتَ الأووات )Metathesis( والقلب الدكاني )Insertions( والإقحام )Lenisi( مناا التًخيم )Vowel Lowering( واليائ الدنصفض )Vowel Raising( واليائ العالي والدونوفتونجيساسي )Dissimilation( وغتَ الاندماج )Asimilation( والاندماج ثم تغيتَ الدعاني مناا توسيع الدعتٌ وتضيي الدعتٌ وتشوية تغيتَ
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2019
Publisher: Jakarta : Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah Dan Keguruan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: The absorption of Indonesian vocabularies from Arabic, phoneme changes and its semantics. This thesis discusses the Arabic vocabularies that are contained in Indonesian, and this thesis analyzes and criticizes the phoneme changes words its semantics. Some problems of this thesis are to find out how the phonemes and semantics change in Indonesian and their causes In this thesis the researcher uses descriptive analysis method by collecting data then sorted, classified, analyzed and then interpreted by the words. The researcher collected data from KBBI, Munawir Dictionary and many journals. In this study researcher found about 2700 words absorbed from Arabic, then the words are classified based on the type of phonetics, namely lenition, Insertion, Metathesis, vowel raising, vowel lowering, assimilation, dissimilation, and monophthong. Then they were classified based on the changes of the meaning, such as generalization, specialization, and the changes of deviation meaning.
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