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Title: Radikalisme Islam Klasik dan Kontemporer: Membanding Khawarij dan Hizbut Tahrir
Other Titles: Hasil Uji Turnitin Artikel Jurnal
Authors: Syamsul Rijal
Advisors: -
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: UIN Alauddin Makassar
Series/Report no.: Vol. 14;No. 2
Abstract: This article deals with the charasteristics of classical Islamic radicalism as represented by Khawarij and contemporary one as represented by Hizbut Tahrir. In attempt to trace the roots of modern Islamic radicalism in the classical history of Islam, the article takes the case of Khawarij and Hizbut Tahrir. Rather than examining theological aspects in normative sense, this article stems from the common framework of Islamic radicalism. It argues that there is a “family resemblance” between the two, suggesting that the radical elements of the former are evident in the later. Due to the different nature and context of the two groups, the author discusses that each group has different ideology and methods in achieving their goals. However, they generally share several charasteristics of radicalism such as: opposition or hostility to others, a reliance to the scriptural holy texts as a basis of understanding and action, and a strong fanatism and anti-pluralism.
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ISSN: 1411-2140
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