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Title: Peran perempuan dan perluasan budaya wakaf
Authors: Amany Lubis
Keywords: nazhir perempuan;budaya wakaf;budaya wakaf;peradaban Islam;zaman dinansti Mamluk;sejarah Islam;perkembangan wakaf di Indonesia
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: Jurnal al-Awqaf Badan Wakaf Indonesia
Series/Report no.: Volume 5, No. 1, Januari 2012;
Abstract: This journal explained some examples about wakaf management in Era of Mamluk dynasty. House of wakaf administrative which managed and handled wakaf problem in two districts Egypt and Syam is called Diwan al-Ahbas which is called inthis era by wakaf ministry- it's duties are monitor, handled mosque, musala, riba zawiyah, schools, land and building, the fund of which, had a source from wakaf. To distribute alms to the people need it, like the the poor and the orphans is also one of Dian al-Ahbas duties.
ISSN: 2085-0821
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